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Camping Le Mondou
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Designed by John Doejaaren
Camping Le Mondou
Le Colombier
24370 Saint Julien de Lampon
Open  01/04 - 15/10
Accueil ouvert 09h00 - 18h00
Welcome on the campsite Le Mondou
  Concour de boules  
Traditionally, monday night we organize a ‘concours de boules’. Just before the adults start,the childeren may show their capability. At the end the childeren will get an icecream and the winners may choose a free entrance for an attraction. The adult-winners get a bottle of wine and we poor a glass of red wine for everyone who played. Also,
the winners will be immortalized on a photo. If a person wins three times in one season, he or she may take home an exchange trophee.

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